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What ​is ​4cee?

Reimagining ​infosec ​risk ​assessment

A completely unique 2-step methodology for Risk Assessment that halves your ​thinking ​process ​and ​mistakes.

User ​friendly ​approval ​driven ​workflow.

Built-in, inter-related database of threats and vulnerabilities - never choose a wrong ​vulnerability ​for ​a ​threat ​again.

Multi layered reporting options - from top level summary to a detailed excel of ​risks.

The 4Cee philosophy

4Cee is built from the ground up with a certain set of core philosophies:

Avoid Duplication

We understand that copying and pasting excel rows does not add any value to your risk assessment. Our proprietary workflow eliminates duplicate entries by implementing a unique change to the methodology.

Simplify Identification

Different departments within the organization see risks differently. Risks that are identified by the IT team are different from the risks identified by the business teams. Risks identified by the business teams are different from the risks identified by the admin and facilities team. If the risks are different, providing the same set of fields to populate makes no sense. 4Cee provides different views and forms to different teams within the organization.

Comprehensive Threat – Vulnerability database

Risks can be identified if the threats and vulnerabilities are identified correctly. 4Cee comes with its own database of threats and vulnerabilities that are regularly updated based on the information security and cyber security context.

Relevant Risks

4Cee identifies risks based on different types of assets and services used by the business processes. Only the relevant risks are selected. Users do not have to go through hundreds of irrelevant threats and vulnerabilities to identify risks.

4cee can help you to


Predict risk systematically and thoroughly.


Analyse and estimate your risks.


Estimate and strengthen your security posture.


Panoramic view of risks

ISO 31000 compatible methodology

Customizable reporting

Comprehensive and up to date threat database

Multi-user view


4Cee is a subscription based service that will be charged annually. The pricing depends on the number of users created.